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The unique semi-tropical mountain climate of the Sacred Valley is perhaps one reason why the Incas chose to grow 80 to 90% of the food supplies for the entire Incan empire in this valley. Calca Valley is surrounded by 3 ancient Incan waterways which have been continually used to irrigate the valley for hundreds of years. Our gardens are fed by these ancient Incan waterways, which are truly marvels of engineering, unmatched in modern civilization, even today.

The Ornamental Gardens at Mistica Andina

Sunflower 1
Fresh Rain 1
Rainbow in the Garden
Spikey Cactus
Bee Gathering Nectar

The Ornamental Gardens at Mistica Andina are nestled in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, at 2900 meters in the Andes Mountains of Peru, in the tranquil farming village of Calca. The semi-tropical mountain climate promotes year-round flourishing of hundreds of native species and supports exotic varieties from around the world as well. Our visitors enjoy relaxing in our extensive gardens, by the duck pond in the 8 person grass hut cabana or wandering the organic farm gardens and picking fresh tea or salad greens.

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