The Organic Micro-Farm at Mistica Andina has been in operation for 6 years and supplies nutritious vegetables, fruit and herbs for our retreat center and B&B as well as local farmer's markets and restaurants. The Micro-Farm utilizes methods from Permaculture and Bio-Intensive farming disciplines and weaves them into an esthetic landscape our visitors absolutely love. Imagine picking your own fresh, organic herbs for tea in the afternoon as you watch the sun set over the mountains or picking your own fresh organic veggies for breakfast in the morning. The Organic Micro-Farm at Mistica Andina is a unique,

The Organic Micro-Farm at Mistica Andina


Mistica Andina is home to "Muru", the largest seed bank in Peru, with over 2,000 varieties of heirloom seeds from all over the world. The seed bank is comprised of exclusively non-GMO, Non-hybrid Heirloom seeds. We support an active seed bank program in the Sacred Valley, supplying seeds, free to local farmers and gardeners, who then learn to save seeds and return them to the bank when they harvest.


Along with growing many local varieties, our Micro-Farm grows many vegetable, fruit and herb varieties from Europe, North America, Asia and many other places from around the world. We grow German Chamomile, Mexican Cilantro, French Lavender, Italian Oregano, Basil and Parsley, Asian Cabbage and Beans, French Roquette (Arugula), Ukrainian Kohlrabi, European and North American Lettuce, French Carrots and many, many other varieties from around the world.


Mistica Andina Organic Farm employs the disciplines of Permaculture and Bio-Intensive gardening to manage the gardens and produce the highest yield possible from organic, sustainable methods. The entire food garden is comprised of Heirloom (original, ancient) varieties

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