Perhaps it is fitting that the gardens at Mistica Andina are situated in the very center of the agricultural lands of the Incan Empire. The fertile Sacred Valley of the Incas supplied 80-90% of the produce for the entire Incan Empire, spanning the Andes Mountains from northern Argentina and Chile all the way to Columbia. The unique semi-tropical mountain environment enables year-round cultivation of vegetables fruit and herbs. The Mistica Andina gardens are situated in the bucolic Calca valley, where fields are still plowed by oxen today. 

Our extensive gardens at Mistica Andina combine beautiful ornamental gardens including a duckpond, with an organic micro-farm of vegetables fruits and herbs. Our guests can relax in our cabana next to the duckpond or pick fresh herbs for tea and fresh greens for salad. Our organic micro-farm is built according to permaculture and bio-intensive farming practices, and is 100% organic with no use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Pets are welcome at our facility and they truly enjoy the spacious gardens along with our guests.

The Gardens at Mistica Andina

Wandering the ancient trails, visiting high mountain lakes, walking amongst the ruins of the ancient Inca. The magic of the Sacred Valley of the Incas is present everywhere. Quechua is spoken more frequently than Spanish. Colorful festivals occur almost every other weekend somewhere in the valley. Nearly everyone agrees that there is something in the air or the environment that promotes spiritual relationship with nature and the universe. Many people come to the Sacred Valley and decide to stay. Come and enjoy the splendor of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Stay if you choose. You will return again some day. It is that special.

The Gardens at Mistica Andina

"A super gorgeous garden with hummingbirds and has a semi hidden duck pond area like something out of a dream." - Quereish L., Dallas, Texas.

"The gardens were so Beautiful!!!
Clean, Clear, Magical, & Mystical!"

- Anna M. Salem Oregon

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