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A Mystical Wedding Location

in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru

Weddings in the Sacred Valley are magical

Weddings at Mistica Andina are Mystical


We have onsite sleeping accommodations , indoor event center, beautiful gardens and duck pond with many photo-rich backgrounds for wedding photograghy.

Our in-house photographer and organic catering make it a stress-free choice for your magical moment.

We have onsite organic gardens, excellent organic cook staff and relationships with some of the best chefs in the Sacred Valley.

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Incan Marriage Culture

Marriage and family were central to the Inca culture, and the Incas required everyone to marry. Although Inca noblemen were allowed to practice polygamy (the men could have more than one wife), monogamy (marriage to one partner only) was the rule among the common people of the empire.


When young couples decided to marry, they often entered into a trial marriage, to see if it would work. If it failed, both partners could go on to enter a new marriage without shame. Unlike the Christian Europeans of that time, the Andean peoples in the Inca empire placed no extra value on the virginity of a bride. However, Inca law stated that once a couple was formally married, they had to remain together for life.

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Wandering the ancient trails, visiting high mountain lakes, walking amongst the ruins of the ancient Inca, you feel the magic of the Sacred Valley of the's present everywhere. Quechua is spoken more frequently than Spanish. Colorful festivals occur almost every other weekend somewhere in the valley.


Nearly everyone agrees that there is something in the air or the environment that promotes spiritual relationship with nature and the universe. Many people come to the Sacred Valley and decide to stay. Come and enjoy the splendor of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Stay if you choose. You will return again some day. It is that special.

"A super gorgeous garden with hummingbirds and has a semi hidden duck pond area like something out of a dream." - Quereish L., Dallas, Texas.

"The gardens were so Beautiful!!!
Clean, Clear, Magical, & Mystical!"

- Anna M. Salem Oregon

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